Thursday, November 17, 2011

Life as we know it...

We are plugging along nicely. The routine has been set and we are off and running. I am working fulltime, we have daycare two days a week and one day the kids spend with my Mom at her house. It seems to work well but the cost of having two in daycare is still daunting.
Dh has a nice contract that appears to be dependant on the Congressional Super Commitee balancing the budget. It's likely the funding for the program my husband is involved with will be cut..another slam to the middle class working folks! I wish our government would see the value of small businesses growing and flourishing over large corprate mongruls. I have a coworker that seems very interested in my financial situation and I am not going to let it be know that our world may be rocked in 2012. Nope! I'm going to stay ahead of the game and get on the advertising for building his client list. Makes my job even more important but honestly, I don't really care. I just want to love and hug on my babies and I see friends of mine who are SAHM who have husbands that own business that are making it just fine. Yes, we do like the finer things in life but honestly we have lots of things we could CUT out and be just fine. I can shop at the farmers market, I can can and freeze food to cut our grocery bill. I am already an extreme coupon shopper saving over 40-50 each trip and only needing to spend $200 a month on groceries. We could do it but right now we don't have to do it so it is what it is..

The boys are doing great and I can't believe that today my little one is 4 months old. I WISH I could go back to the labor and delivery room and do it all over was that magical and that special to me that I would do it 100 more times! I'm also getting the baby itch and dh was ready to fulfill that wish the other day until I talked him out of's pure madness to think we should have another baby not to mention it's super irrisponsible. So for a while here we just keep plugging along.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


He doesn't know how lucky he is. I cried this morning getting my things ready for work. I'm into my second week and dh exclaimed that he is not liking this arrangement. I proclaimed to him, "I would give my left arm to be with the kids 4 days a week" Two days are solo and two days are weekends and I am home. I told him you are so get to change them, play with them and bond with them. He told me that he can tell Jaxon misses me and my heart broke. I've decided to take over the night feedings, even when having to work as dh is just "too exhausted" this is what I get for marrying someone that is 11 years older than me.

I'm so torn, I wish I didn't make so much money or didn't carry all our health benefits. I wish I could stay home with my babies. I wish I could teach them their colors and alphabet..I wish I wish I wish. But instead I put on a smile and put on my suit, grab my coffee, kiss my kids goodbye and know I will see them at 6:30. All the while dh is playing "Little Einstein's" and sitting on the couch cuddling the baby. I pretend I am not jealous but the truth is I AM! In our marriage dh has had so many jobs..and finally we realized that his problem with authority would be better suited if he just opened up his own business. Well, I helped with that too. I built the website, signed the papers, got the merchant account set up and contacted clients. Filled out a resume and proposal for a large contract through the state (which we got btw) and busted my arse to make sure he was successfull and could still provide for our family. Two years later he is making a pretty good living after all expenses last year we went from making a 7K profit to 39K and things look even better this year. But still I am angry that he complains that he doesn't like staying home two days with a 2 year old and a 3.5 month old. I refuse to put my kids in daycare for 5 days just so he can have his sanity. I don't expect dh to multi task like me as I just gifted that way..but do expect that he would treat his time with our kids as special, amazing and a chance in a lifetime. Instead I am left wondering is today the day that he loses his patience? Dh's band broke up recently and I can tell he is a bit down about that..he has stopped going to yoga after paying $250 to go and he just wants to sleep when I get home from work. Depression? I don't know but I do know that it's time for a's time for him to realize that he is LUCKY..he is oh so LUCKY! I would give up everything to have those days...I really would but the sacrifice would be too great for me to quit working. So yeah, I am having a problem with being back to work. I am starting to lose interest and wishing that I could work part time (not an option at my instituition).

But for today, I rejoice in the fact that I am going back to Church to connect to God agian, I am wishing to live each day in the moment and to snuggle my babies every chance I get. I am not losing any minute of the gifts I was given. I am and will be the best Mom I can be.

I will let go of cleaning the house, getting mad the laundry is a mile high, or that rooms are a mess..instead I will cuddle my babies after I put in my FULL day of work.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's New

It's been awhile since I have blogged..or had the time to blog but so much has been happening in our beautiful little family. Jaxon is 9 weeks old and although Joseph was not all that thrilled to have a little brother he has adjusted beautifully! He loves his little "Deet Deet" as he calls him. Jaxon is such a wondeful blessing and a really easy going baby. He slept through the night last night and I just love watching him. He has started to Coo and smiles at me. He also turns his head when he hears my voice and has rolled over twice from his belly to his back.

He is amazing and I am so in love. I've talked with Dh about how wonderful and textbook his pregnancy and delivery was and I've mustered up enough courage to tell him that I really don't feel "done" with having kids. He of course feels complete and loves that we can now focus on raising and playing with our kids. But he did say let's see where we are at in a couple of years..I'm hoping by 34 I will be pregnant again :) We'll see! Jaxon was a huge surprse as I thought my body had just given up and I couldn't get pregnant. I noticed though when Joseph came home I was mentally in a better place and was very at peace with where I was at and I think this had a huge impact on my ability to let go and in turn we ended up pregnant.

The strangest thing throughout my pregnancy was that people really could't or wouldn't "See" me as pregnant. Although I clearly had a baby belly it didn't register to them that I was expecting because of Joe's adoption. Made me sad that most of society believes a person adopts because they "can't" have children, when in fact everyone's story is a bit different and more complicated then that. I go back to work in 3 weeks and I am DREADING it. I love being home and I have a nice routine but finacially we just can't swing it. I've been getting paid this whole time and it's a good things because it made me realize that we can't make it on one income just yet. Dh has become accustom to a lifestyle that he won't change. I have to admit my marriage is much better and I feel like dh is much more involved and caring. He fell in love with Jax and in turn he has adjusted his schedule to be more hands on. I've loving seeing him with his boys more now!

My oldest is 12 aleady! Christian is amazingly smart and talented I feel so lucky that he is such a good big brother. He has really helped me out when things seem to be a bit chaotic! He is also the quarterback of his football team and I am so proud to see him in that position!

Our days are spent running to football games, playing outside, having picnics and enjoying these miracles that we were given! These last two years of my life have been so amazing and I am thankful everyday that my journey has ended in bliss and that I am no longer in a place of darkness and despair. It's so hard when you want something so bad and yet you have no control over it! I will always be aware of our struggles to get here and our losses along the way. I pray each night for those out there that are where I was three years ago! I will never forget what it was like and will always have a place in my heart for those that are trying to conceive and having difficulty. I've added a few pictures of my beautiful babies and my mother in law who spent two weeks with us. She lives in Colorodo and we miss her so much!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jaxon Charles Birth Story

Born 7/20

I am finally getting around to posting his birth story. Let's just say it was a fantastic birth. I was scheduled on 7/19 for an elective induction. I was 42 weeks over with my first and with Jaxon it was determined since we were sure of his gestational age we would do an induction close to 40 weeks. I was 39 weeks 4 days pregnant when I went to the hospital. I had not been checked at any of my prenatal appointments so..I had no idea where I was starting at. I was checked by my Dr. before we started the induction and I was 0% effaced and 1 centimeter dialated. It looks like my body was no where near starting just like my first baby. Dr. decided to try 25mg of Cytotec to soften my cervix and see where things went from here. I asked not to have pictocin until medically necessary since I felt my body could do this with just a jump start.

Cytotec started working right away. I was contracting every 2-3 minutes and they honestly were not bad at all. I walked the halls, used the yoga ball and took a spa bath to help ease through the contractions. At 11:00 a.m I was checked again and I was at 2 centimeters and 40% effacement! Progress..just not as much as I had hoped. We did another 25mg and Dr came back at 3:00 p.m. Checked me and I was still between a 2 and 3. This time the midwife was the one to check me and she decided to strip my membranes....this is the part that hurt like heck! So I labored for a bit and at 6p.m. I was still at 3 centimeters we decided to try some pictocin to move my stalled labor. I did pictocin until 9:00 p.m. and was checked one last time by my Dr. This was decision point. I was still at a 3...and I remember saying "DAMN." The Dr. gave me a choice to just stop the pictocin and get some rest and we would try again in the morning OR to break my water and I would labor throughout the night and maybe have him in the early hours. My Dr. had been in surgeries almost all day and I could tell he was a bit exhausted so I chose to just stop the pictocin, get some rest and start again at 6 am on 7/20.

The morning of 7/20 baby was still looking perfect on all the monitors and we started pictocin again. I asked when the Dr. would come in and check me and my nurse said she would check with her. Finally atg 11 am the Dr. came in and checked me. I was still at 3 but my water was bulging. I asked the Dr. to break my water so get things going. She broke my water and at the same time I asked to have my epidural. Before my epi could be placed I had to have 500ml of fluid. It took about an hour for the fluid to go through my IV and this by far was the most painful part of labor. I had the labor husband kept asking if I was cold and I told him "no" it was just what happens when your body transitions. My Mom wanted to be there for the birth so she was at her office working down the road and told me to call her when I was at 5 centimeters and she would come to the hospital. At 2:00 p.m. my epidural was placed and labor was so much better :) We learned that the baby was posterior (face up) so I had to change positions to try and get him to turn.

At about 3:00 p.m. I asked my husband to page the nurse because I was feeling some pressure. She came in and asked me what kind of pressure and I told her that it was vaginal but also felt in my I wanted to be checked. I was half tempted to put my own hand down there just to make sure the head was not coming out..because the pressure was pretty strong. The nurse went on a hunt for the Dr. and I paged her 2 minutes later and said someone really needs to check me because I feel like I could push. She (nurse) said can I check you? I said sure I just want to make sure my baby is not coming She checked me and once she put her hand in a bit her face said it all..the BABY was RIGHT THERE. She gave a big thumbs up and I told my husband to call my Mom. He fumbled with is phone and couldn't find her number so I picked up my cell and called her..said get here now I feel pressure.

Next thing I know there were lots of people in the room and the Dr. flew in. My bed was being torn apart nurses coming in left and right
and it seemed a bit I was able to take a pre-pushing picture with my husband and I gave two practice pushes and knew he was going to come out. I hoped that my Mom would make it but at this point I couldn't hold back anymore. All of a sudden we heard a knock on the door and in flew my Mom. I gave two more pushes and out came Jaxon Charles ..7lbs 10 oz and perfect. He is amazing and calm and so strong can hold his head up already. We are so in love! Honestly, labor was so much easier than it was with my oldest. I felt more in control and calm during the whole thing. My nurse Cindy shift ended at 3 p.m. but she wanted to stay and get this boy born. She by far was the best nurse I had during my whole time there! My labor was so fantastic I would do it all over again. It's even left me with the idea that perhaps Dh and I could add another baby in a couple of years :) But then again Dh is saying he is done :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Introducing Jaxon Charles!!

He's here!

Born 7/20/11
7lbs 10oz
3:12 p.m.
20.5 inches long!

I am so in love! I'm still at the hospital but will come and write my birth story!

Enjoy the pic!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

39 Weeks & Induction Date

I am now 39 weeks pregnant today (well okay tomorrow)but it's close enough! I've had some contractions, they are not consistant nor are they painful. I swear my body just doesn't know how to go into natural labor on it's own. I was hoping that I would just be at work and water would break. It would atleast be exciting right? Well it doesn't look like that will be my luck. Tomorrow is my last day of work..woo hoo! I made it to 39 weeks and I know there is no way I could have made it to 40 weeks working. It's just getting harder and harder to get up and move around. Baby has dropped as my belly is much lower. I will take a belly shot in my bathing suit this weekend since it's suppose to be high 80's and 90's! I'll be hitting the river.

It is crazy how fast this pregnancy has gone by for me. Part of it must have been that the first trimester was a blurr..I really tried not to think about what was happening. The second trimester pretty much the same thing until my 20 week ultrasound and then I just fell in love. Yes, I have been a raging pregnant lady and yes my husband has probably suffered but seriously he shouldn't be surprised since this is how I was during our first pregnancy. Although, I do feel a bit bad for those time I yelled at him. husband also informed me that I need to drop these 20lbs and then some so that I can be his arm candy--since he is getting his balls snipped. LOL I laughed my ass off on that one. Listen if I am gonna get all skinny it's gonna be for me not so I can be a show piece. Also, I really don't think I look all that bad..yeah I could lose about 40 pounds total--and yes I plan to have a breast reduction which will help immensely with the back pain I have and the larger top heavy look that I have going on. But honesly, I have a curvy athletic body and I don't mind not having super long lanky skinny legs..and let's face it. 5 pregnancies stomach will never look like it did when I was 18. So my love, you have me at my 32 year old self, stretch marks, saggy belly and maybe a dimple or two on my ass but it's me..take it or leave it :)

Okay so back to the pregnancy stuff..
What will I miss most about being pregnant--

Watching my belly move
Feeling Hiccups
Pushing on a foot and having the baby push back
My belly
Listening to the heart beat in the womb
Eating icecream and not worrying about what people might say..even if I have it everyday :)
Shopping for baby supplies (I love me some thrift and consignment shopping)
Going to the OB/GYN clinic and feeling ok with sitting among other pregnant people..but still mindful that others may be there wanting what I have--
Dh rubbing my belly, DS rubbing my belly and driving his cars over it.

What I won't miss
Is MORNING SICKNESS--26 weeks of it.
Not being able to breath walking up the stairs
Puffy feet
Watching the scale go up :)
Not being able to play my summer sports
Maternity clothes (yes, I have cute ones..but seriously a $200 wardrobe buys very little)
My 2yr old jumping on my belly and wanting to constantly stick his finger in my belly button.

So for now...I will be pregnant for atleast 5 more days! As excited as I am to meet my little baby..I can't believe that it's all about to end. I wanted to be here so bad in the beginning but now am realizing that I will truley miss being pregnant.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Full Term!

I can't believe I made it! Today I am full term and I finally believe that if this baby comes anyday will all be ok. I'm excited and can't wait to meet him! I'm, nervous, wondering if my body will remember what to do. I gained two pounds this past week. I have no idea how--my appetite has decreased immensley. I took a picture of my belly in the bath last night and my two year old shouts out..BABY BELLY..yup I have a baby belly. It took until 36 weeks to realize that "Holy Sh%*t" I am actually having a baby.

So here I wait with anticipation and excitment. Wondering if I will be induced or it my body will just do what it needs to do. My boss wants my water to break at work as wierd as that is..she's more excited then I am.

I've been taking pictures all along and I am still very much carrying just in my belly! I've gained a total of 17lbs at this point and I'm very happy about that. I know that atleast 10 of those pounds are all related to the baby.

So here we go...20 days left and then it's count down time! Little J we are excited to see you arrive and can't wait to see who you look like.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Almost 36 weeks!

Yesterday was not a good day at all..I was utterly sick! No sleep and could not keep anything in my system at all. I was afraid of severe dyhdration! Called the Dr. office and it took the nurse FOREVER to call me back. Okay maybe it was 30 mintues but I called three times in that 30 minutes because I wasn't sure if I was in labor or not since my back was killing me too...

Turns out I had the 24hr bug or food posioning. Being 9mths pregnant and having those symptoms I would not wish on anyone! We had a great appointment otherwise. Baby weighs about 5lbs 15oz and is in the 46% percentile. I'm not having a monster baby after all!! Woo Hoo! In the last two weeks, although I will admit I have eaten a lot of icecream I have gained NO (I'm sure the vomiting and diahrea contributed to that)

So for now here is a picture of the little guy...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday JOEY!!

Today is my beautiful boy's second birthday! What an amazing year it has been for us. We will be celebrating his party on Saturday, in the local park with a Mickey Mouse theme. This boy loves his "Micka Mouse." We are not having a huge party this year,just Grandma and Grandpa and my brother and my niece and newphews. So between 10-15 people. I've invited a daycare friend, who also was adopted from Korea last year.

Joseph has had an amazing year. He speaks some Korean, Spanish can do sign language and is our Mr. Chatterbox. He can recite his ABC's and say his numbers 1-10. He speaks full sentences and it's amazing to actually carry on a conversation with him.

I also have to take time to think of his birth they are probably hurting a bit, wondering how he is doing and if he is happy. I've not had any contact with them since April of 2010..and even then it was just the letters and gifts they sent to Joseph when he came home and a letter to us. I have a package prepared and will be mailing it out to them..I wanted it postmarked for today, so they knew I was thinking about them on his birthday..but I also want to send them a special gift and I just haven't found the "right" one yet. I've also had a lot on my plate this month with the home renovations, planning this party and being in my last trimester..I'm ususally in bed by 9:00 p.m.

So Joey---Mommy loves you so much and I can't wait for you to become a big brother because I know you are going to be such a big helper. I love you!

Friday, June 10, 2011

34 Weeks and Revelation.

Today I am officially 34 weeks. I can't believe that I am nearing the end of my pregnancy. This pregnancy has been textbook just like my first sons. I told my Dr. at my visit on Wed that I was getting anxiety that this pregnancy is going so well that I'm just waiting for something to go wrong. He chuckled and told me, "You sound just like my wife." lol. So yea, as irrational as it may be I am worried that I might still have complications. He told me not to worry that he has no concerns at all. My BP is GREAT 117/72 last time it was checked. (I've relaxed a bit more) since we are past viability and the baby would be just fine if he was born now. In fact my good friend who was due 18 days before me had her baby 6 weeks early and even though little Charley spent 5 days in the NICU he was never on oxygen and they sent him home last Friday. He's doing great might I add! It's amazing to look back over the past 5 years of my life. I never would have believed 5 years ago, that I would have two amazing additions in my life. I was in my darkest, deepest place and it was not a good place. I was so depressed and things were no going well for me professionally or personally. I hated myself for being so broken.

It wasn't until I decided in 2008, that we were meant to adopt. Nobody will ever be able to tell me that this was not GOD's doing, Joey was meant to come to our family and baby boy was meant to be conceived 6mths after Joseph's arrival. I'd say my life is perfect..right now but that's not quite accurate either. I'm in a much better place, more confident and proud of the woman I am. I don't depend on anyone for anything and I am in a place professionally that allows me to support my family without the need of dual incomes.

It's refreshing to know that at 32 years old I am finally at that place, the good ole "Adult" place. Dh once said to me that I have changed from the woman that he first met 14 years ago..I replied, Of Course, I was 17 and it's only natural and normal for a person to "grow" up. Although Dh and I still struggle to find a balance in our marriage..I can only hope that he decides to walk beside me and not behind me. I don't know what the next 5 years will be like but I know that I am strong enough to handle whatever life throws my way.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I've decided not to title this post because I really don't know what exactly I would title it. I feel like my life is falling apart. Like I am losing grip on everything or that things are spiraling out of control. I'm one person and being pulled in so many directions. My amazing son, Christian is entering some kind of tween stage (Puberty?) and he is just not the same. He is more into his texting, Ipod than even spending quality time with his family. He seems so withdrawn and combative. I ask him to do something and he won't, he fights me on simple things like helping carry his clothes upstairs to be put away. I'm very careful not to ask him too much to help with Joseph..with getting a diaper, or sippy cup but being that I am 8mths pregnant it's hard to get up and down with a toddler on my lab. I know that Dh has been doing the same thing. Dh has GOT to step it's annoying that he thinks he can still have the same lifestyle as we had when we had one kid..playing music shows, late nights, little sleep and trying to care for a toddler during the day. I try to be empathetic but it's really just turning into frustration and anger. I'm feeling like I blame him for the changes in our kids that I see. Joseph is at the terrible two's no doubt! We have to have consistant parenting with him, meaning that he has to SLEEP in his own room for atleast part of the night--he can't throw as temper tantrum and get away with throwing and hitting things. He needs constant reassurance that I am going to come home. He gets so upset every morning when I have to get up for work..throws a fit and then gets over it. I'm always careful to say goodbye, I love you and I will be home in a bit. I understand he has no linear knowledge of time so if Dh would keep him occupied throughout the day..instead of just letting him run the house..maybe he wouldn't feel the need to be so clingy when I get home.

The worst part is that I am exhausted after putting in a 9hr day, coming home and being attentive to my kids. Reading books, doing homework, making dinner at this time it's probably close to 8:30. I finally am able to sit down--tried to watch a movie with oldest son last night Harry Potter and fell asleep. He woke me up at 9:40and we decided it was time for bed. I feel spent and guilty because I can't do it all. How the hell am I going to manage this with three kids..a newborn, a high needs toddler, and a 12 year old that is just getting used to sharing me.

I want to so enjoy my kicks and baby hiccups! I don't want to be tired and crabby. I want to be treated like a queen, what happened to foot rubs, back rubs, I had to beg to get time to have my hair cut. I need a pedicure and want a massage too..but again feel guilty for wanting to do something for me.

Okay so this rant post made me feel a bit better but again it will probably all start over again tomorrow. It's nice to have an outlet though so atleast I can feel like some of this is getting off my chest.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

30 Weeks!

I'm 30 weeks today and baby boy is weighing in at an impressive 3 pounds 13 oz! Blood pressure was great 120/80 and I am up a total of 11 pounds! I will get another u/s in 4 weeks to check to see how large he is. I finally got to see his little face even though he was hiding behind his arm.

I saw his feet too! So glad I had the good u/s tech yesterday! All in all the baby is doing great. He is still in a breech position but they tell me he has a lot of time to turn and move head least 25% of babies at this point have not turned so I figure he is just stubborn like his mother. I'm still saying a he even though Sandy didn't check again yesterday and the first u/s tech was "so-so" but I feel comfortable calling him a boy..I'm carrying the same as I did with Christian.

Crazy how fast this pregnancy has flow by..I know a lot has to do with the fact that I was so disconnected for the first few months because I didn't want to have a broken heart. I'm so thankful to be where I am now and that I am in the home stretch..I'm still nervous of course but each day we get closer to full term the better I feel about him coming into this world safely. I'm even fine with having a c-section if he continues to be breeched. I just want whats best for this little man and can't wait until he arrives.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

29 Weeks! We've got a big one :)

I'm actually 29 weeks and 6 days but I'm rounding ahead and saying 30 weeks especially after today's u/s. Baby is measuring around 32 weeks and weigh 3lbs 13oz..So he is in the 77 percentile. Dr. Wright said he's a big but they are not too concerned yet as he isn't in the 90th percentile. It was enough for him to say that he wants me to have another u/s around 34 or 36 weeks to check to see how big this baby is getting.

I instantly had lots of questions, he's breeched..when will he turn? If he gets too big will they induce? Nope, they don't induce based on size so he could be a 9 or 10pounder if he continues to gain 1/2 pund each week. I'm up a total of 11 pounds this pregnancy and I'm saying half of that is directly related to my fluid, placenta, and the babies weight. The count down is really on now..10 weeks and baby boy is a good size already (almost 4lbs..I'm still in shock)

I feel great and although I feel like my bump is tiny everything is measuring the way it due date won't be adjusted so in 10 weeks a new baby will be here since I have been promised that I won't go overdue. I had some great pictures today as the baby finally cooperated and I was able to see his profile, foot and 3-D of his face. He still likes to keep his arm over his face though. My BP was PERFECT at 120/80..what a relief that is! I always worry about how my BP will be as it really depends on the nurse taking it. I'll add pictures when I get a chance. I just need to scan them.

Baby J will be here in no time. Time to take a new belly picture.

Monday, May 9, 2011

29 weeks 3 days

Today I am 29 weeks and 3 days pregnant and boy am I starting to feel it. I've realized that I easily am out of breath even when I speak..apparently baby boy likes to put pressure on my diaphram. I'm up 9lbs total this pregnancy and I feel huge already. Even though people will say you look great and don't even look 7 months pregnant. I know this is meant to be a compliment but it really bothers me because either they think I have eaten a basketball or I am just fat..I have an obvious baby bump even when wearing non maternity shirts (which I can still fit--those ones with stretch anyway)

What I miss is being spoiled, I feel like my dh should be treating me like a princess instead I spent my mothers day fighting with kids, driving to 3 hardware stores and spending over 3 hours looking for the hardware to build the benches I wanted for my my deck with dh (since he is so very organized) and coming home with nothing but three bags of mulch that apparently I will be spreading later this evening. My dh even had the audacity to take a bubble bath downstairs for over an hour while I lay very pregnant upstairs fighting with my 2 year old that insisted it was time to eat. The worst part is that I can't sleep and there is no real space for me to move to sleep better..we have no extra room and no extra bed unless I want to climb up ds bunk bed and sleep on the last night I slept in the couch which was very uncomfortable btw, because our toddler INSIST that he can't sleep through the night and needs to be in my bed..I just don't have the energy to fight with him and apparently dh is no help.

This post is whining, I understand that but I really want to get off my chest these things that are bothering me. Each morning I am late to work by 10 minutes because my husband can't seem to get motivated to get ds moving when I am in the shower..I'm really starting to get pissed off at him and I know a lot of my frustration is really because my hormones are going crazy but his lack of "caring" is irritating me. I told him I had to pack my hospital bag next week and he said, "Really?" Are you excited..and I replied "no, not really because I have no place to put this baby" he promptly cut me off and told me he didn't want to hear my negativity. Some how he thinks that my oldest son's room is going to magically remodel itself and that he
has all the time in the world to get the babies crib, room painted and things all in order. All the while I want to NEST..I have everything I need but want to wash baby clothing, set the room up and feel ready because given this is my second birthed child he may not wait until 40 weeks..I have a feeling he will be coming sooner..

So yes, this is a whining post and I apologize but I needed to vent...and I actually feel better after doing so. I'm looking forward to the fact that I have maybe 10.5 weeks to go and well my little bundle of love will be here soon. I can't wait to see him on Thursday on my u/s and hope that we get better pictures this time around since last time we did not have a very good tech as she was training.

I'll update after my Thursday appt.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

26 weeks and 4 days

Today I am 26 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I'm still fearful that something will go wrong with this pregancy. I can't help but feel a bit robbed of the experience because I can't let go of the fear. This pregnancy has been nothing but normal and I have passed all tests with flying colors. My weight gain is low, my BP is great and I passed my GD test. I feel this little guy moving everyday and even though I have an anterior placenta I can still feel his little kicks and punches.

My ankles have started to swell a bit at night but only when I wear my heels at work. I've noticed I am more out of breath than normal but I know that has to do with him being so high and having less lung space to breathe. I can feel him right under my breasts so I know he is super high. I'm so in love with him already!

I've just started telling myself that it's okay to shop for him, I bought a co-sleeper and have bought a few clothes but nothing substanial yet. I feel sad because he is likely not to have his own room for awhile until dh and I start renovating the basement and making our master bedroom downstairs. This will leave all the kids upstairs..not ideal but necessary as our family expands. I have four kitchen table chairs and never thought we would need to add another. I feel blessed and can't wait to hold this little guy in my arms.

After next week I begin to see the Dr every two weeks and I have to pre-register with the hospital at around 28 weeks (so next week sometime) I've bought Joseph a baby to help him adjust to the idea of a baby coming home but I'm not sure he gets it. He does out his little baby in the pack and play but again he knows Mommy has a baby in her tummy but he doesn't understand that this baby will be coming out like 13 weeks soon!

I pray that my delivery is normal and that I can enjoy it. I have this vision of being able to reach down and lift my little one onto my chest after he is born. I can't believe that we are almost to that point. I wonder what he will look like, will he look like Larry or will he look like me. Will he have brown eyes? Will he be a he? The ultrasound tech we had was not really good..I'm hoping that the Dr gives me another ultrasound to check growth. At 25 weeks I was measuring right on track! I liked the Dr. I met last week but will be really upset if Dr. V delivers me as I am not fond of her.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

25 Weeks!

We have made it past viability to 25 weeks! I have my glucose test this week and if I pass that then we breath a sigh or relief..this pregnancy has been so normal thus far. I have an anterior placenta and can feel him kick and move but there are periods of times that he is deep in my pelvic and I don't feel him that often..I'm so glad I have my doppler still!

Other drama in my life is that Joseph's daycare gave me 17 days notice that they were closing the about FREAKING out! My son has been through so many transitions is his little life that another BIG move was really upsetting to me. Luckily, I have an amazing friend who is also an adoptive parent to a Korean boy that is 4 months younger than Joseph and we both attend the same daycare...Well she found a PERFECT fit for us! We got the last two spots in the center, both boys did not want to leave and I'm excited that Joseph will only be around 8 kids total and not the 13 he is around now..they are also adding to their license to take care of infants, so my problem may be SOLVED long term too!

We've decided on a name, it is still top secret but I can tell you it is JCA!

I can't believe in 15 weeks (If I go to 40) I will have a NEW baby in the house..super excited!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's a........

BOY! We are expecting a healthy baby boy!!! He is currently 14 oz already! I've only gained three pounds so far so everything is going well. I feel good, occasional backaches but other than that all is well. My BP is always slightly elevated when I come to the DR office because of my past pregnancy losses so I take it at home and it's perfect 117/74. The Dr has asked me to keep a log and he will see me in 4 weeks..the next big test is to pass the glucose test. Out with the sweets and in with the veggies. I'm also working out more so that I can do all that I need to for this baby. I'm excited to finally be able to relax and enjoy this little one!

Friday, March 4, 2011

20 Weeks..140 more days to go!

Today I am 20 weeks! The baby is so much stronger as I am starting to really feel those kicks. Last night was the first time I put my hand on my belly and the baby kicked I could feel it on the outside!

I have a nice round preggo belly now-I need another belly shot for my scrap book! Next Wed at 20wks 5 days we find out if you are a boy or girl. I don't care either way I just want to know that you are healthy!

It's starting to feel very real..I have been disconnected just kind of waiting to see what would happen throughout this pregnancy and for the first time last night I smiled so big when I felt you kick my hand. I'm so in love with you already and I can't wait to meet you in July.

Joseph and Christian are getting more excited. I worry how Joey will handle the transition of a new baby in the house. We have yet to get him to sleep throughout the night (he woke up once last night but was able to get himself back to sleep)Joseph is so very attached to me and I don't want any regression or sadness when he meets his brother or sister. I know that we have challenges in our future that we will need to face when it comes to adoption and sibling rivarly (they are very seperate issues) but I think the better we can prepare Joseph the stronger he will be to deal with these types of issues or feelings. I'm sensitive to his needs and will do the best I can to help him have a smooth transition. It was so cute that when he saw his baby cousin Zaya (she is 12mths) he would feed her a bottle and stroke her face...he was very good with her.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

16 Weeks 5 days Pregnant

Had a good OB appointment HB was 160 and everything is measuring how it should. I didn't get an u/s but we could hear the baby kick the doppler. However, my BP was elevated a bit 140/90...I was VERY anxious during the appointment so I'm hoping it was nerves or running through the parking didn't help that the office was 30 minutes behind schedule and I had time to sit there and stew about what could go wrong. My OB was not concerned about my BP, I think it could have been the nurse too but who knows.

So the plan take my BP each morning and record it, drink water..water..water and eat beets! I'm back to fruits/salads and healthy food all the way. I gained 4lbs this month which is only 2lbs above my pre BFP weight...still 4lbs??? I'm sure some of it was from not being able to urinate and they didn't take a sample today so I had to hold it the WHOLE appointment.

I'm hoping that these changes will help my BP issue since I never had problems before I was pregnant or when I was pregnant with ds and 17 weeks is a bit early to have BP issues.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Almost 16 weeks!

I'm just now starting to get my baby bump. After all it's been 12 years since I have been pregnant. My boys are super excitied, even though C was a bit shocked at first I think he is coming around. I can't believe that after all this time I am actually carrying the miracle baby that I have dreamt about for so long. I still have much faith is God and know that it was his will that brought Joseph to his forever family and that we were chosen to be his parents. Everything just feels like it is the way it's suppose to be right now.

I wish that I could relax during this pregnany and enjoy every minute of it as I know this is my last. I still find myself worrying, using my doppler almost everyday and waiting to feel some movement. I keep telling myself that maybe after our 20 week u/s I will relax but in reality I know I will be counting down the weeks to viability. Slowly I have begun to share my news with people around me but I am still very guarded with my colleagues at work. My large shirts are helping to hide my belly and not wearing maternity pants has been a plus..although I can't button my pants anymore :)

My m/s has gotten better, I still have moments in the morning where I might gag when brushing my teeth or if I don't eat protein before bed. Other than that I feel fantastic, which gives me another reason to worry..maybe I feel too good. It's a contant worry and I am sure that I will be like this throughout the pregnancy but I am really trying to just relax since the control freak inside of me can't do a darn thing but just be healthy for the baby that is growing inside of me. So far I am down 3lbs this pregnant..which is fantastic! I bet I will have gained some back come my next appt (which is next week) since my appetite has returned. The only annoying thing is that my fingers on my right hand go numb and apparently this is pregnancy induced carpel tunnel..the increased blood flow restricts the nerves causing a tingling sensation..(google is great at times)

C is turning 12 in 12 days and I can't believe it! Joseph is 19mths now and talking up a storm. He cracks me up daily and is just a ham. He still winks, and loves to give kisses. This winter has been a bit rough for him as we have battled bronchitis but his personality just shows through and he is a very happy baby.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Wow...We are PREGNANT!

Today I am 14 weeks after being shocked to find out around Thanksgiving we were pregnant! How does that happen? Obviously I know HOW it happens but for us this is just amazing! 5 years of TTC #2, Infertility Treatments and Adoption of our beautiful son! We are in awe and Thank God everyday for the blessings we have received. Obviously, each week that goes by I am still very nervous and scared..I'm learning to live each day in the NOW and enjoy being pregnant! The m/s is almost all the way gone and my face..well let's just say you can connect the dots, my energy is returning and our last u/s the baby waved at me! Heatbeat has been seen three times and I can hear it on my home doppler so Feb 9th will be our next appt and I will be around 16.5 weeks!