Monday, December 15, 2008

The date has been set!

December 23rd we are to be at the USCIS office in Grand Rapids to get our fingerprints done. This is the final piece of the puzzle before we wait. Lots of families that are waiting are being told they will have an extended time frame. Dh and I are fine with that.

If anyone wants to donate to our adoption, please know that even a $1 is appreciated. You just have to click on the donate field on my blog or you could even mail a check to our family. We need to raise $3,000 for final expenses that won't be covered by our home equity loan. You can mail checks to:

Care of Jackie Abeyta
2200 Dendrinos Dr. Suite 101
Traverse City, MI 49643

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

USCIS--Here we go!

Well, I sent my paperwork to USCIS and the next step is waiting for confirmation and a date/time to be fingerprinted. Woo Hoo! I'll be sending the Agency fee next week and then we wait...wait some more...and then we wait :) I'll be focusing on Christmas, the New Year and the remainder of my classes! I keep freaking that I am actually graduating...I filled my audit card out last week and it felt amazing. I am so proud of myself for actually sticking with this and getting through it.

As I leave 2008 behind, I have so much to reflect on. The last three years have been so full of sorrow, pain and unbelievable joy. I've watched my friends become families of four. when just three years ago they were a family of two. I've seen my precious nephew turn 3, born 5 days before my due date would have been. But I also see hope, several "virtual" friends have gotten pregnant after many years of failed treatments and it proves miracles happen everyday. L and I are still holding on to the idea that someday, maybe we will get to experience that again. We just aren't going to force it. I have so much excitement as I realize how special our family is to be chosen to build our family through adoption. God has meant this for us and we are joyfully waiting with anticipation for the child that he has chosen for us.

A family is being united December 9th, they are being escorted by other adopting fathers..super cool! With this trip the rumor has it that they will be bringing along referrals..and who knows our referral could be in there..That would put us at the 4mth mark as they probably wouldn't refer until February...I'm not holding my breath but I can always dream!

As things develop, I will be writing more and posting pictures. I'd like to begin giving a background of South Korea, culture and why birth parents make the most unselfsh decision a human can make, the decision to give their child a better life. We must always respect the birth parents and remember them with kindness as they are the reason our children are here.

Merry Christmas,