Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jaxon Charles Birth Story

Born 7/20

I am finally getting around to posting his birth story. Let's just say it was a fantastic birth. I was scheduled on 7/19 for an elective induction. I was 42 weeks over with my first and with Jaxon it was determined since we were sure of his gestational age we would do an induction close to 40 weeks. I was 39 weeks 4 days pregnant when I went to the hospital. I had not been checked at any of my prenatal appointments so..I had no idea where I was starting at. I was checked by my Dr. before we started the induction and I was 0% effaced and 1 centimeter dialated. It looks like my body was no where near starting just like my first baby. Dr. decided to try 25mg of Cytotec to soften my cervix and see where things went from here. I asked not to have pictocin until medically necessary since I felt my body could do this with just a jump start.

Cytotec started working right away. I was contracting every 2-3 minutes and they honestly were not bad at all. I walked the halls, used the yoga ball and took a spa bath to help ease through the contractions. At 11:00 a.m I was checked again and I was at 2 centimeters and 40% effacement! Progress..just not as much as I had hoped. We did another 25mg and Dr came back at 3:00 p.m. Checked me and I was still between a 2 and 3. This time the midwife was the one to check me and she decided to strip my membranes....this is the part that hurt like heck! So I labored for a bit and at 6p.m. I was still at 3 centimeters we decided to try some pictocin to move my stalled labor. I did pictocin until 9:00 p.m. and was checked one last time by my Dr. This was decision point. I was still at a 3...and I remember saying "DAMN." The Dr. gave me a choice to just stop the pictocin and get some rest and we would try again in the morning OR to break my water and I would labor throughout the night and maybe have him in the early hours. My Dr. had been in surgeries almost all day and I could tell he was a bit exhausted so I chose to just stop the pictocin, get some rest and start again at 6 am on 7/20.

The morning of 7/20 baby was still looking perfect on all the monitors and we started pictocin again. I asked when the Dr. would come in and check me and my nurse said she would check with her. Finally atg 11 am the Dr. came in and checked me. I was still at 3 but my water was bulging. I asked the Dr. to break my water so get things going. She broke my water and at the same time I asked to have my epidural. Before my epi could be placed I had to have 500ml of fluid. It took about an hour for the fluid to go through my IV and this by far was the most painful part of labor. I had the labor husband kept asking if I was cold and I told him "no" it was just what happens when your body transitions. My Mom wanted to be there for the birth so she was at her office working down the road and told me to call her when I was at 5 centimeters and she would come to the hospital. At 2:00 p.m. my epidural was placed and labor was so much better :) We learned that the baby was posterior (face up) so I had to change positions to try and get him to turn.

At about 3:00 p.m. I asked my husband to page the nurse because I was feeling some pressure. She came in and asked me what kind of pressure and I told her that it was vaginal but also felt in my I wanted to be checked. I was half tempted to put my own hand down there just to make sure the head was not coming out..because the pressure was pretty strong. The nurse went on a hunt for the Dr. and I paged her 2 minutes later and said someone really needs to check me because I feel like I could push. She (nurse) said can I check you? I said sure I just want to make sure my baby is not coming She checked me and once she put her hand in a bit her face said it all..the BABY was RIGHT THERE. She gave a big thumbs up and I told my husband to call my Mom. He fumbled with is phone and couldn't find her number so I picked up my cell and called her..said get here now I feel pressure.

Next thing I know there were lots of people in the room and the Dr. flew in. My bed was being torn apart nurses coming in left and right
and it seemed a bit I was able to take a pre-pushing picture with my husband and I gave two practice pushes and knew he was going to come out. I hoped that my Mom would make it but at this point I couldn't hold back anymore. All of a sudden we heard a knock on the door and in flew my Mom. I gave two more pushes and out came Jaxon Charles ..7lbs 10 oz and perfect. He is amazing and calm and so strong can hold his head up already. We are so in love! Honestly, labor was so much easier than it was with my oldest. I felt more in control and calm during the whole thing. My nurse Cindy shift ended at 3 p.m. but she wanted to stay and get this boy born. She by far was the best nurse I had during my whole time there! My labor was so fantastic I would do it all over again. It's even left me with the idea that perhaps Dh and I could add another baby in a couple of years :) But then again Dh is saying he is done :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Introducing Jaxon Charles!!

He's here!

Born 7/20/11
7lbs 10oz
3:12 p.m.
20.5 inches long!

I am so in love! I'm still at the hospital but will come and write my birth story!

Enjoy the pic!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

39 Weeks & Induction Date

I am now 39 weeks pregnant today (well okay tomorrow)but it's close enough! I've had some contractions, they are not consistant nor are they painful. I swear my body just doesn't know how to go into natural labor on it's own. I was hoping that I would just be at work and water would break. It would atleast be exciting right? Well it doesn't look like that will be my luck. Tomorrow is my last day of work..woo hoo! I made it to 39 weeks and I know there is no way I could have made it to 40 weeks working. It's just getting harder and harder to get up and move around. Baby has dropped as my belly is much lower. I will take a belly shot in my bathing suit this weekend since it's suppose to be high 80's and 90's! I'll be hitting the river.

It is crazy how fast this pregnancy has gone by for me. Part of it must have been that the first trimester was a blurr..I really tried not to think about what was happening. The second trimester pretty much the same thing until my 20 week ultrasound and then I just fell in love. Yes, I have been a raging pregnant lady and yes my husband has probably suffered but seriously he shouldn't be surprised since this is how I was during our first pregnancy. Although, I do feel a bit bad for those time I yelled at him. husband also informed me that I need to drop these 20lbs and then some so that I can be his arm candy--since he is getting his balls snipped. LOL I laughed my ass off on that one. Listen if I am gonna get all skinny it's gonna be for me not so I can be a show piece. Also, I really don't think I look all that bad..yeah I could lose about 40 pounds total--and yes I plan to have a breast reduction which will help immensely with the back pain I have and the larger top heavy look that I have going on. But honesly, I have a curvy athletic body and I don't mind not having super long lanky skinny legs..and let's face it. 5 pregnancies stomach will never look like it did when I was 18. So my love, you have me at my 32 year old self, stretch marks, saggy belly and maybe a dimple or two on my ass but it's me..take it or leave it :)

Okay so back to the pregnancy stuff..
What will I miss most about being pregnant--

Watching my belly move
Feeling Hiccups
Pushing on a foot and having the baby push back
My belly
Listening to the heart beat in the womb
Eating icecream and not worrying about what people might say..even if I have it everyday :)
Shopping for baby supplies (I love me some thrift and consignment shopping)
Going to the OB/GYN clinic and feeling ok with sitting among other pregnant people..but still mindful that others may be there wanting what I have--
Dh rubbing my belly, DS rubbing my belly and driving his cars over it.

What I won't miss
Is MORNING SICKNESS--26 weeks of it.
Not being able to breath walking up the stairs
Puffy feet
Watching the scale go up :)
Not being able to play my summer sports
Maternity clothes (yes, I have cute ones..but seriously a $200 wardrobe buys very little)
My 2yr old jumping on my belly and wanting to constantly stick his finger in my belly button.

So for now...I will be pregnant for atleast 5 more days! As excited as I am to meet my little baby..I can't believe that it's all about to end. I wanted to be here so bad in the beginning but now am realizing that I will truley miss being pregnant.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Full Term!

I can't believe I made it! Today I am full term and I finally believe that if this baby comes anyday will all be ok. I'm excited and can't wait to meet him! I'm, nervous, wondering if my body will remember what to do. I gained two pounds this past week. I have no idea how--my appetite has decreased immensley. I took a picture of my belly in the bath last night and my two year old shouts out..BABY BELLY..yup I have a baby belly. It took until 36 weeks to realize that "Holy Sh%*t" I am actually having a baby.

So here I wait with anticipation and excitment. Wondering if I will be induced or it my body will just do what it needs to do. My boss wants my water to break at work as wierd as that is..she's more excited then I am.

I've been taking pictures all along and I am still very much carrying just in my belly! I've gained a total of 17lbs at this point and I'm very happy about that. I know that atleast 10 of those pounds are all related to the baby.

So here we go...20 days left and then it's count down time! Little J we are excited to see you arrive and can't wait to see who you look like.