Friday, February 6, 2009

USCIS and Stuff

I was hoping my next blog would be about our I-171H approval. Unfortunatly the only communication we have had with USCIS is that it took them 4 weeks to send a letter that states our Homestudy is incomplete because our SW did not sign it. Nevermind that it was notorized and signed by the agency director..apparently they want the same stuff they use for the I-800a. It's frustrating to say the least.

The other stuff I have going on is that I could just cry. Dh has been working for the same company for almost 2 years and TODAY after his boss said "We'll see what we can do regarding a raise" told us today that it's a "NO GO" I'm so frustrated because not only did his boss just buy a brand new truck with building a house and taking his second of two cruises in a month along with a hunting trip..says that he doesn't know where this economy is leading us. To me it sounds as if he is GREEDY! It angers me because he knows that Dh needs the job and isn't likely to leave because the hiring prospects are slim around here. I'm so sad because we have to make it on the 33 cent raise I got this year and with me taking 4 months off for the baby things are going to be exceptionally hard for us. Please pray that this works out.

On top of that I received an email that we were NOT chosen for a grant we applied for. Just more salt in the wound. I really have been so optomistic up until this point and now I am just so sad. It's a sad reality that we live in. I don't see things getting better.

Guess I better look at the classifieds and see if I can get a second job, along with school and my full-time job this should be real fun. But our family will survive this and in the end we won't even remember the heartache along the way.