Friday, July 1, 2011

Full Term!

I can't believe I made it! Today I am full term and I finally believe that if this baby comes anyday will all be ok. I'm excited and can't wait to meet him! I'm, nervous, wondering if my body will remember what to do. I gained two pounds this past week. I have no idea how--my appetite has decreased immensley. I took a picture of my belly in the bath last night and my two year old shouts out..BABY BELLY..yup I have a baby belly. It took until 36 weeks to realize that "Holy Sh%*t" I am actually having a baby.

So here I wait with anticipation and excitment. Wondering if I will be induced or it my body will just do what it needs to do. My boss wants my water to break at work as wierd as that is..she's more excited then I am.

I've been taking pictures all along and I am still very much carrying just in my belly! I've gained a total of 17lbs at this point and I'm very happy about that. I know that atleast 10 of those pounds are all related to the baby.

So here we go...20 days left and then it's count down time! Little J we are excited to see you arrive and can't wait to see who you look like.

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Heather said...

YAY!!! Hope all goes well :)