Wednesday, April 6, 2011

25 Weeks!

We have made it past viability to 25 weeks! I have my glucose test this week and if I pass that then we breath a sigh or relief..this pregnancy has been so normal thus far. I have an anterior placenta and can feel him kick and move but there are periods of times that he is deep in my pelvic and I don't feel him that often..I'm so glad I have my doppler still!

Other drama in my life is that Joseph's daycare gave me 17 days notice that they were closing the about FREAKING out! My son has been through so many transitions is his little life that another BIG move was really upsetting to me. Luckily, I have an amazing friend who is also an adoptive parent to a Korean boy that is 4 months younger than Joseph and we both attend the same daycare...Well she found a PERFECT fit for us! We got the last two spots in the center, both boys did not want to leave and I'm excited that Joseph will only be around 8 kids total and not the 13 he is around now..they are also adding to their license to take care of infants, so my problem may be SOLVED long term too!

We've decided on a name, it is still top secret but I can tell you it is JCA!

I can't believe in 15 weeks (If I go to 40) I will have a NEW baby in the house..super excited!

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