Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's a........

BOY! We are expecting a healthy baby boy!!! He is currently 14 oz already! I've only gained three pounds so far so everything is going well. I feel good, occasional backaches but other than that all is well. My BP is always slightly elevated when I come to the DR office because of my past pregnancy losses so I take it at home and it's perfect 117/74. The Dr has asked me to keep a log and he will see me in 4 weeks..the next big test is to pass the glucose test. Out with the sweets and in with the veggies. I'm also working out more so that I can do all that I need to for this baby. I'm excited to finally be able to relax and enjoy this little one!

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Eric said...

Congratulations Jackie! I know Joey is going to be a great big brother and they will be the best of friends. I am so happy for your family!