Wednesday, February 9, 2011

16 Weeks 5 days Pregnant

Had a good OB appointment HB was 160 and everything is measuring how it should. I didn't get an u/s but we could hear the baby kick the doppler. However, my BP was elevated a bit 140/90...I was VERY anxious during the appointment so I'm hoping it was nerves or running through the parking didn't help that the office was 30 minutes behind schedule and I had time to sit there and stew about what could go wrong. My OB was not concerned about my BP, I think it could have been the nurse too but who knows.

So the plan take my BP each morning and record it, drink water..water..water and eat beets! I'm back to fruits/salads and healthy food all the way. I gained 4lbs this month which is only 2lbs above my pre BFP weight...still 4lbs??? I'm sure some of it was from not being able to urinate and they didn't take a sample today so I had to hold it the WHOLE appointment.

I'm hoping that these changes will help my BP issue since I never had problems before I was pregnant or when I was pregnant with ds and 17 weeks is a bit early to have BP issues.


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