Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Almost 16 weeks!

I'm just now starting to get my baby bump. After all it's been 12 years since I have been pregnant. My boys are super excitied, even though C was a bit shocked at first I think he is coming around. I can't believe that after all this time I am actually carrying the miracle baby that I have dreamt about for so long. I still have much faith is God and know that it was his will that brought Joseph to his forever family and that we were chosen to be his parents. Everything just feels like it is the way it's suppose to be right now.

I wish that I could relax during this pregnany and enjoy every minute of it as I know this is my last. I still find myself worrying, using my doppler almost everyday and waiting to feel some movement. I keep telling myself that maybe after our 20 week u/s I will relax but in reality I know I will be counting down the weeks to viability. Slowly I have begun to share my news with people around me but I am still very guarded with my colleagues at work. My large shirts are helping to hide my belly and not wearing maternity pants has been a plus..although I can't button my pants anymore :)

My m/s has gotten better, I still have moments in the morning where I might gag when brushing my teeth or if I don't eat protein before bed. Other than that I feel fantastic, which gives me another reason to worry..maybe I feel too good. It's a contant worry and I am sure that I will be like this throughout the pregnancy but I am really trying to just relax since the control freak inside of me can't do a darn thing but just be healthy for the baby that is growing inside of me. So far I am down 3lbs this pregnant..which is fantastic! I bet I will have gained some back come my next appt (which is next week) since my appetite has returned. The only annoying thing is that my fingers on my right hand go numb and apparently this is pregnancy induced carpel tunnel..the increased blood flow restricts the nerves causing a tingling sensation..(google is great at times)

C is turning 12 in 12 days and I can't believe it! Joseph is 19mths now and talking up a storm. He cracks me up daily and is just a ham. He still winks, and loves to give kisses. This winter has been a bit rough for him as we have battled bronchitis but his personality just shows through and he is a very happy baby.

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