Friday, January 21, 2011

Wow...We are PREGNANT!

Today I am 14 weeks after being shocked to find out around Thanksgiving we were pregnant! How does that happen? Obviously I know HOW it happens but for us this is just amazing! 5 years of TTC #2, Infertility Treatments and Adoption of our beautiful son! We are in awe and Thank God everyday for the blessings we have received. Obviously, each week that goes by I am still very nervous and scared..I'm learning to live each day in the NOW and enjoy being pregnant! The m/s is almost all the way gone and my face..well let's just say you can connect the dots, my energy is returning and our last u/s the baby waved at me! Heatbeat has been seen three times and I can hear it on my home doppler so Feb 9th will be our next appt and I will be around 16.5 weeks!


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