Monday, May 9, 2011

29 weeks 3 days

Today I am 29 weeks and 3 days pregnant and boy am I starting to feel it. I've realized that I easily am out of breath even when I speak..apparently baby boy likes to put pressure on my diaphram. I'm up 9lbs total this pregnancy and I feel huge already. Even though people will say you look great and don't even look 7 months pregnant. I know this is meant to be a compliment but it really bothers me because either they think I have eaten a basketball or I am just fat..I have an obvious baby bump even when wearing non maternity shirts (which I can still fit--those ones with stretch anyway)

What I miss is being spoiled, I feel like my dh should be treating me like a princess instead I spent my mothers day fighting with kids, driving to 3 hardware stores and spending over 3 hours looking for the hardware to build the benches I wanted for my my deck with dh (since he is so very organized) and coming home with nothing but three bags of mulch that apparently I will be spreading later this evening. My dh even had the audacity to take a bubble bath downstairs for over an hour while I lay very pregnant upstairs fighting with my 2 year old that insisted it was time to eat. The worst part is that I can't sleep and there is no real space for me to move to sleep better..we have no extra room and no extra bed unless I want to climb up ds bunk bed and sleep on the last night I slept in the couch which was very uncomfortable btw, because our toddler INSIST that he can't sleep through the night and needs to be in my bed..I just don't have the energy to fight with him and apparently dh is no help.

This post is whining, I understand that but I really want to get off my chest these things that are bothering me. Each morning I am late to work by 10 minutes because my husband can't seem to get motivated to get ds moving when I am in the shower..I'm really starting to get pissed off at him and I know a lot of my frustration is really because my hormones are going crazy but his lack of "caring" is irritating me. I told him I had to pack my hospital bag next week and he said, "Really?" Are you excited..and I replied "no, not really because I have no place to put this baby" he promptly cut me off and told me he didn't want to hear my negativity. Some how he thinks that my oldest son's room is going to magically remodel itself and that he
has all the time in the world to get the babies crib, room painted and things all in order. All the while I want to NEST..I have everything I need but want to wash baby clothing, set the room up and feel ready because given this is my second birthed child he may not wait until 40 weeks..I have a feeling he will be coming sooner..

So yes, this is a whining post and I apologize but I needed to vent...and I actually feel better after doing so. I'm looking forward to the fact that I have maybe 10.5 weeks to go and well my little bundle of love will be here soon. I can't wait to see him on Thursday on my u/s and hope that we get better pictures this time around since last time we did not have a very good tech as she was training.

I'll update after my Thursday appt.

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