Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday JOEY!!

Today is my beautiful boy's second birthday! What an amazing year it has been for us. We will be celebrating his party on Saturday, in the local park with a Mickey Mouse theme. This boy loves his "Micka Mouse." We are not having a huge party this year,just Grandma and Grandpa and my brother and my niece and newphews. So between 10-15 people. I've invited a daycare friend, who also was adopted from Korea last year.

Joseph has had an amazing year. He speaks some Korean, Spanish can do sign language and is our Mr. Chatterbox. He can recite his ABC's and say his numbers 1-10. He speaks full sentences and it's amazing to actually carry on a conversation with him.

I also have to take time to think of his birth they are probably hurting a bit, wondering how he is doing and if he is happy. I've not had any contact with them since April of 2010..and even then it was just the letters and gifts they sent to Joseph when he came home and a letter to us. I have a package prepared and will be mailing it out to them..I wanted it postmarked for today, so they knew I was thinking about them on his birthday..but I also want to send them a special gift and I just haven't found the "right" one yet. I've also had a lot on my plate this month with the home renovations, planning this party and being in my last trimester..I'm ususally in bed by 9:00 p.m.

So Joey---Mommy loves you so much and I can't wait for you to become a big brother because I know you are going to be such a big helper. I love you!

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