Friday, November 21, 2008


We got the clearance and the official word! We are now able to file our I-600A, immigration fingerprinting paperwork. So I just need to write a check for $830 to the United States Immigration Office and wait for them to notify me of the date/time to do the fingerprints. Once that is done--everything on our end is DONE! We just wait for our baby to be matched with us!

I am getting super excited and can't believe that this seems to be happening for us! Years of trying to have a baby and now we are one step closer. Thanksgiving is going to truly be wonderful this year. I'll be placing an ornament on our tree this year in honor of our baby that will be coming into our arms next year. On April 19th 2005 I experienced my first miscarriage as we come upon our fourth anniversary of our 1st lost that changed me forever, I have something of a renewed hope to look forward to.

I'm praying to god that he our she finds us soon. We are waiting for you will open hearts and lots of love.

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