Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We Made It! Phew!

For everyone waiting to have the first initial homestudy visit..for those of you cleaning every dust bunny and scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush..STOP! I know easier said then done. We had our first initial meeting today and it was PAINLESS! We laughed and talked and went over the nitty gritty of our adoption plan. The logistics and the process. I was nervous and pacing before the SW came to our home. The dog didn't even bark as she pulled in the driveway. I'm not even sure she realized we have a dog. I have told her on a prior occasion. For two hours we just talked..oh yeah and the walk through our home was about 3 minutes..seriously! To think I spent the last week cleaning, cleaning and cleaning..it was so uneccessary. I laugh about it now! We have our next three meetings scheduled and depending on where we are..we could be done by the 2nd week in October.. HOLY MOLY!!!

I have some things to do between now and our next visit..dh did great by the way! I think I was more nervous about his first impression..but he was just as engaged as me. Sometimes he tends to listen more then speak..which is not a bad thing! So maybe by Christmas we will be officially waiting. We have to fill out the form regarding medical issues we are willing to accept, this is aside from premature birth and Hepatitis B which are already a risk and dh and I were made aware of this before we applied. This is more about the possibility of our willingness to accept a referral that may have a correctable need. Dh and I will discuss this in length about what we would be okay with. Some are minor things like birthmarks while others are more involved like CP. We will ask God for guidance here.

In closing we have three more visits scheduled and ds needs to be involved in one of those. We will have the opportunity to read, learn and grow more as we venture deeper in this process. I think at the beginning of November may be a good time to include the rest of my extended family in our news. Especially when the homestudy is finally done. So here we are..4 years later and the dream of another baby. I didn't think it would ever happen for me. As anyone who has had a miscarriage can agree it is the time between sorrow, pity and anger that we ask God what we did to deserve this. As my journey unfolds the picture of why is beginning to become more clear.

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