Friday, September 26, 2008


I'm teaching myself Korean..I'm starting with nursery rhymes first. I hope that when we can send a care package that I can tape record this and send it to my baby while he/she is waiting to come home. This hopefully will be another aid to comfort our baby while he/she grieves the loss of his/her foster mom.

There are three bears in a houseDaddy Bear, Mommy Bear, Baby BearDaddy Bear is fat (tung tung hae)Mommy bear is slim (nal sin hae)Baby Bear is so cute (nomu gui yo wo)`U Su (Raising one's shoulders)', Doing right

From what we sing, it's like this:

Gome sey ma lee ga,
Ahn gee bay ee so
Appa Goom, Omma Goom, Ey-gee goom
Appa Goom moon, d/tung d/tung hae
Omma Goom moon, nal shin hae
Agi Goom moon, no-mu gui yo woh
U-Su, U-su, s/chal han da.

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Obiwanhavanese said...

Awesome work. Hope your Korean study goes well.