Monday, August 25, 2008

Home Study Scheduled

We have our first homestudy meeting on Sept 9th at 1:00pm for about two hours. I have made arrangements to leave work for the two hours and then to go back. Because this will be the first week of school things are busy at work and finding time off is becoming more of a challenge. I'm excited and this has really motivated dh to continue working on the basement. We got another wall done last night. It's really coming together. Although our SW said it is fine to be working on our home...hey the basement has been an eight year work in progress! :)

So this weekend is the week that I tell my parents--I'm hoping that they will not be in a total state of shock and know that this is really how we have decided to build our family. I used to write poetry before I was labeled an infertile....and I am slowy coming back to being able to journal and write poetry. I've always found this to be the most amazing outlet and I wanted to write a poem to share with my parents that we are expecting...through KOREA! I had visions of them coming over and going to the spare bedroom where we have the crib set up and walking over seeing a referral picture of our baby in the crib with a big SURPRISE we are expecting again!!! This time our baby will have to travel the world before he/she is home.

I haven't quite come up with a poem yet...nothing seems to be coming together..but finally my home has a calmness to it..I've left the anxiety and sadness of the "not knowing" behind and finally have something to look forward to. I'm going to by a Mommy Again in 2009!!!!

If you have ideas on how to announce our adoption plans...please let me know. I'd love a creative way to share our good news!



Anonymous said...


A very wise women ( grandmother) once told me that God chose me to be a very special Mom because of the strength,devotion and love that I would have to offer this little boy. That threw hard times and good times the child will always have a safe haven with you even those I was very young and scare my strenght always got us through. So what I am saying is God has chosen you for this journey and your strenghs, devotion and love will see you through, these are your "NORTH" like a compass to lead you home threw good times and hard times.
As a wise women once told me I pass those three words on to you, STRENGH,DEVOTION,LOVE.

Anonymous said...

Thank you--You are so very right, I feel as if God only gives us what we can handle and I feel that this is my purpose...the light now shines on hope instead of emptiness, this is my journey, this is my purpose.

Anonymous said...

Good luck SIS
We always knew you were destin to help others in need and it so happens that you'll be also filling a hole you and Larry were hoping for. I am excited and so are the kids. We look forward to the addition and continued close bond we all share.

Come and visist IL. Love ya JB