Monday, March 22, 2010

Do you believe in DESTINY?

It's amazing to reflect back on the past five years and really see what lead my family on this journey from God to our son. He was chosen for us long before we knew he was to be our son. I see the signs, early in this journey I had a dream about a little boy and a flash in my dream went to a calender on a wall with the date November 21st circled. I saw it plain as day and I didn't know what that date was July of 08. On November 21, 2009 we were notified that we were put on the list in Korea waiting for our match. This date became an important marker for us. Fate? Destiny? or just craziness? I'll never really understand but I've had several visions in my life that have proved to be true..I won't bore you with those only to say that my family believes I have a "sixth" sense. It's wierd but I have known since I was six years old that I wanted to adopted an Asian baby. God gave me the tools, and the timeline and told me when I was to embark on this journey~I just had to clear my head and listen.

So we received the referral of our son, and I was so lucky last week as we wait to get the travel call to see a video that showed his personality. Our boy loves music and to "Bang" on things. Pretty typical of 9 month old behavior but he is a ham! In the video you can hear the escorts say over and over, you are such a little musician and you are a little drummer, you need a drum kit for your b-day. The escorts have no idea who this little boy is going to..our social worker told us he is certianly going to the right family. Why? Well my dh is a musician and he plays the guitar and right now is in a band as the drummer. He never had formal lessons and he is AMAZING. It's fate? or am I reading too much into it? Then I was telling my SW about a Korean song I am teaching myself from YouTube, I started to sing it to her and told her that I felt drawn to this song about a month ago. She stopped and looked at me with a strange look and said WHOA.. you gotta see this? We continued watching the video and all of a suddend ds's foster mother began to sing a song and ds started dancing to it....IT'S THE SAME SONG! There are hundreds and thousands of Korean nursery songs out there and we just happen to choose the ONE that his foster mother sings to him? DESTINY? He was chosen for our family, I couldn't have picked him out, God Chose him for us. His initials are the same as dh's dad's, we did not change his name as he was given a Christian oldests son's name is Christian. There are so many reasons why I believe he was chosen for our family, it's amazing. I believe in destiny, fate and that he was meant for us. I am so thankful for his birth mothers strength, courage and love. We are forever linked!

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