Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Almost 14 Months!!! Home for 5 Months Already

Our beautiful baby boy has been home for almost 5 months and he has adjusted so beautifully!

I am back to work full-time and Joseph goes to daycare for three days a week. Leaving mommy in the morning is hard on both of us, but I am able to watch him on a TV monitor and see that he is playing so well with all his new friends. He's in a room with kids that are all his age and lead by teachers that have degrees in Early Childhood Education. Of course I would much rather be home with him but I must admit that when I pick him up and he runs into my arms with his beautiful smile and lays his head on my shoulders...I fall in love all over again.

It is amazing these last 5 months have brought me the most joy and fulfillment that I could ever ask for. I can honestly say that all the waiting was so so so so worth it and it's a distant memory from the past. God answered my prayers and the prayers of Joseph's birth family as they prayed he would go to a loving family and that he would adjust well. I am forever grateful to them and their unconditional love....

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