Wednesday, July 15, 2009

As we reflect.....

It has been a year since we decided to pursue international adoption! Last July 14, 2008 I sent my application in. Where has the past year gone? I feel as if I have been in this process for so much longer. I guess since 2005? Since my first loss, God has been leading me in this direction for some time. I just needed a few years to actually hear him.

Each day I fear asking for an update because things have been slow in my agency. They have actually said this is what they expected and they don't accept applications so families are waiting for years. We however, will have surpassed the year mark and it is likely to be much longer until our adoption is completed. I asked my SW yesterday if there was any updates and she indicated no, a couple babies are coming home in August. She also indicated that the family behind us has been told that they will not receive a referral until 2010. We have been waiting officially for a match since November 21, 2008. That marks over 8 months now and it appears that we are likely going to be closer to the 10 month mark before we get a referral.

This makes things a bit scary for us because South Korea only issues so many Visa's a year and our child will likely be ready to travel toward the end of the year and we could fall into the time frame when Korea says..nope no more VISA's until January 2010. I pray to GOD this does not happen. We don't want our baby to be waiting for us for a few months due to Visa problems. If we get a referral in October it will be okay as the baby will come home in 2010, but if we get a referral in August--different story. We still are getting close to the "hook" they call it.

I told dh this last night and he stated that he doesn't want to do the nursery because he doesn't want it to sit empty for so long...I'm broken hearted because FINALLY the waiting is getting to me.... I don't want to hang our Korean tree ordament on the tree for Christmas this year without our baby being home. I've been totally fine the past 8 months..and now the unknown is getting harder to swallow each day. God grant me the strength.....

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