Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year and Blessings in 2009!

This is the year!!! In 1999 I gave birth to my son and in 2009 my second child will arrive! I couldn't be more thrilled. We did our fingerprinting at the USCIS office on 12/23 and now we wait for the clearance to come through. This is the big FBI crimminal background check. Once that is all taken care of we are just waiting for the referral. So we filed the I-600A and now we wait for the USCIS to say we are fit to be parents of an orphan. The long dreaded wait for the I-171H or 797C approval is what we are waiting for. Below are a few pictures of the nursery we are doing. The wall color is Vanilla Creme and the theme is "Dragonflies" With Sage and Buttercup. Dh and I laughed because I ordered this bedding that I fell in love with and it was made by "Jo Jo" designs and dh's pet name for me is Jo Jo it was kinda funny!

Upate: So I figured I would add to this post and not start a new one as we still have not receive our I-171H. I emailed the USCIS office and they sent me a generic inquire only when it has been over 60 days. Well our application is dated 12/04 and we were fingerprinted on 12/23. I did find a typo in my homestudy which was the date of my said 8/01 instead of 7/29. I am freaking that this will cause a hold up even though you have to send an I-600 drop the A again to USCIS when you receive your referral.

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